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Why area rugs benefit your home

November 23rd, 2010

There are many benefits to having area rugs in your home. Not only do they enhance the decor of the home, you can also soften up the room with colors or make the room more vibrant, the options are limitless. Adding area rugs to your home also provides warmth and comfort, especially in the cold winter months. When your hardwood and tile floors accentuate the cool weather outside, it can offer warmth and comfort to adorn your floors with area rugs. Adding area rugs can be practical and effective for interior design and home comfort. Find a selection of living room area rugs , family room area rugs or dining room area rugs that compliment your home decor and get them ordered today!

Gear up for the holidays with area rugs

September 17th, 2010

Looking for a good gift for those who are hard to shop for during the holidays? Consider area rugs as a great alternative to another blender or gluten free cookbook. Area rugs can add color and style to plain rooms or a seasonal touch when the holidays near. View the many options to chose from in our great selection of area rugs.

Area Rugs for corporate waiting rooms

September 7th, 2010

Many Corporations offer comfortable couches, wide assortments of magazines, and complementary coffee for their clients and potential customers. Designers are beginning to add area rugs to the interior design of standard waiting rooms. Not only are area rugs classy and elegant, they also add the touch of familiarity that cause customers to feel at home while they are waiting for their appointment. Find a wide assortment of area rugs to match your existing waiting room or even area rugs that fit under your conference room table. Add a little comfort and class to those long meetings with an area rug in your conference room.

Clients need to feel that their are considered, and the touch of adding area rugs to your interior design may be what gives them the comfortable atmosphere they are looking for in selecting the right firm. Consider new arrivals of area rugs for your next interior design upgrade.

area rugs on twitter

September 3rd, 2010

we are getting ready to launch a new Twitter site to go along with our Facebook page. You can now follow us on Twitter and keep to date with new products, company news and even get some sweet twitter deals. Follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook to keep up on the latest deals and new products we have to offer.

Abingdon Rug is now on Twitter and Facebook

August 24th, 2010

Looking for Area Rugs? Frequently use Facebook or Twitter? Follow us on Twitter or become our Facebook friend and stay current with new items, deals and the hottest new Area Rug trends. Stay up to date on all the latest news about area rugs from Abingdon Rug Outlet through either of these two social media options.

UW area rugs for Husky fans

August 17th, 2010

Are you a Husky football fan from the University of Washington? Well, how about a few area rugs to adorn your floors while you root the huskies on this year? Even if you are rooting for another college football team, you can find many of your favorite sports teams area rugs at a discounted price from Abingdon Rug Outlet.

Area Rugs for every home

June 21st, 2010

Adding area rugs around your home can add class and comfort to any home. Hardwood or ceramic flooring is quite popular in today’s homes, and nothing adorns these flooring options as well as area rugs. There are many options, styles and colors of area rugs to choose from. Find many styles and patterns within our extensive online inventory, or if you are not finding exactly what you want, contact us and let us assist in finding the perfect area rug for your home decor. Our trained staff can help you locate the pattern and color scheme to match your designers specifications or the vision you have in your mind.

Makeover Your Room With Area Rugs

December 2nd, 2009

Updating a room is much simpler and more economical than one would think. What many homes need is a one item for a simple room makeover. That one item is an area rug. Choosing from the wide selection of area rugs available on the market is a fun process.

Decide what type of aura you want for your room. Are you looking for a modern look? Perhaps you like the Asian theme? Choosing what theme your room is currently or what theme you’d like for your room will determine the style of area rug you can add to your room.

The addition of area rugs can completely transform a room. You can center a table over a drastic style like zebra print for the black and white artistic look or you can place your living room furniture around an abstract blue mosaic stripe rug to give your room the edgy style it deserves. A single rug can change the look of your room and give you the base of your room transformation. Swapping out throw pillows or wall decor for the types that match your rug will complete the room and give it the new look you desire.

Area rugs are an inexpensive way to give a room a complete makeover…

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Seasonal Area Rugs Make Your Home More Inviting

November 26th, 2009

With the colder seasons coming right around the corner, those ceramic tiles and hardwood floors will become drafty and uninviting. To keep heat and comfort in your home, area rugs are a stylish and wise investment.

Your area rug can be seasonal or holiday appropriate, seeing how you are only using it during the fall and winter months. The holiday and seasonal collection of area rugs is endless. You can choose from a foliage print of fall leaves or a snow print in white and silver. Some rugs offer greetings like “Tis the Season” or “Merry Christmas”, and others offer scenic images of the seasons and holidays.

The area rug can be placed in front of the fireplace or in the living room or den where children can play, open presents and gather for cookies and milk instead of on your less inviting hard floors. You might consider placing one in the kitchen to keep the hearth of the home cozy and welcoming.

If you enjoy the use of your holiday area rugs, you might consider exchanging them in the warmer months for stylish area rugs. Update the look of your home by using an area rug to center a rooms focus, change the style of a room or add comfort to a room.

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Adding Area Rugs to Your Holiday Decor

November 17th, 2009

If you are known for having a well decorated home, you are also likely very in tune with the seasons and holidays. No home feels as festive as one that is decorated to match the mood of the calendar. Luckily, there are several easy ways to get that holiday feel without breaking the bank. Using area rugs is a great way to generate a festive atmosphere without completely changing the look of your home.

Obviously, you are going to be most likely to find rugs for the major holidays. This will include events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and the Fourth of July. However, you can also do a bit more searching if you want to specifically recognize more minor holidays. As an alternative, you can switch out your holiday specific area rugs with seasonal versions. If a major holiday isn’t on the horizon, use a rug with flowers for springtime and one with colorful leaves in the fall. In the summer, you may want to find a rug with sea shells to remind you of the beach. Unlike permanent rugs, these will be changed out frequently and probably don’t need to be quite as durable. However, you will need to make sure that they are stored appropriately to avoid damage from pests.

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